Moss Gone Roof Cleaning


Roofing materials have a tough job when it comes to withstanding the elements; driving rain, hail, sleet and baking sun all contribute to the eventual deterioration and erosion of roof tile surfaces. Normally after 20 to 30 years, concrete roof tiles start to become porous, absorbing moisture and creating the perfect environment for mosses and lichens to thrive, not to mention sand washing out of the tiles.


Other roof tile products, such as clay withstand the British weather conditions better but are prone to suffer more from frost damage. Without protection, continual exposure to frost will lead to rapid deterioration of whole areas of the roof.


General wear and tear such as worn flashings, crumbling pointing mortar and loose / cracked tiles can be a headache for both home-owners and landlords.


In the past, a roof in poor condition meant that a costly total replacement was the only remedy, but this is no longer the case.


The MOSS GONE roof restoration system eliminates the need for total roof replacement. This is more environmentally considerate and a lot more cost effective.


MOSS GONE will totally transform any roof. The application or protective coatings and sealants provide year on year protection and stops further erosion.